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VMG Yacht Design has developed a range of innovative deck fittings in partnership with Ino-Rope. 

In 2023 the ranges of rings and padeyes have been revised to best meet the requirements of the users.

V4 V8 Vmax.jpg

Efficient, reliable and versatile

Light and high working loads

Sleek design

For an efficient and simple deck layout

Easy and fast to fit, ideal for composite structures

The piece in itself is structural and no further core densification is required in the majority of cases




A high resistance padeye dedicated to lashing. Although lighter and smaller than a stainless steel version, with equal resistance, it is also very easy to install without additional screw. Its clever reversible nut allow to fix it in decks from 6 to 55 mm.


New 2018
Screwable Low Friction Rings
       New 2014

The optimum solution!


VMG Yacht Design engineered a set of screwable low friction rings, these are to be mounted for instance through a deck or a bulkhead. They can either be used as a fairlead, a chainplate or even a pad eye by simply adding a dogbone. Ideal for a fast, easy and reliable fitting into composite structures of variable thickness.

​Deckthru fairlead


Usage : lead or deviate ropes while preventing from wearness


Exemples : Barber haulers, sheets, backstays, control lines for furlers, canting keels system, Spinaker tack, moorings...

Pad Eye


Usage : fasten a pulley, a low friction ring and or a fixed point


Exemples : purchase, spinnaker pulley, lifelines...

​Chain plate (for textile lashing)


Usage : to fast an element of the rig (shrouds, stays...)


Exemples : shrouds, backstays, stays, runners or bobstays

V4 ideal for ropes up to 4 mm

V8 ideal for ropes up to 8 mm

Vmax structural ring for lashings

The screwable low friction rings are made of hard anodized aluminium. The dogbone and the loop are not provided for a pad eye use.


The screwable low friction rings are designed to be easily fitted to composite structures, monolithics or sandwiches, or any other materials.


1. Drill the structure

2. Screw the Ring, hand tighten is enough. Use a polyurethan sealant to ensure watertightness and prevent corrosion between the ring and the structure.

3. Use



- When used under highload, it is advised to use monolithics counter-plate. When possible, the structure may initially be designed for a highload usage.

- When the structure is less than 14 mm (18 for the Vmax), use monolithics counter-plate to adapt the thickness.

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