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Sunday 13th September 2009, 84 skippers depart for the Transat 650. Two of those 84 skippers have designed and built their own proto 6.50, Mathieu Verrier and Fabrice Germond. These two Naval Architects graduated from Southampton, trained together and prepared their boats during 3 years. Since then, they have completed many different projects as independent Naval Architects. It is therefore logical that they should have combined their skills in 2012 to create VMG Yacht Design sarl.

Fabrice Germond, VMG YACHT DESIGN

Graduate in Mechanical Engineering specialised in Aerotechniques ( Enginerring degree from Geneva ETS, EIG, 1999 ) as well as Naval Architecture from the Southampton Institute ( BEng Yacht and Powercraft Design in 2002 )

naval architect & expert

Fabrice Germond

Fabrice is passionate of sailing, having done so since childhood, both for leisure and racing. He competed with merit in four Tour de France à la voile and the Transat 650. 

He  has built up solid experience and expertise in boat building and hi-tech composite materials. In addition to the design and construction of his mini 6.50, he  also participated in the construction of the Class America SUI-64, winner of the America’s Cup with Alinghi Challenge, as well as appendages for the Trimaran ORMA, and of several 60 feet IMOCA, including the latest Bernard Stamm. He worked on the production of Prosthesys as a research and development engineer and teaches naval design at the  Atelier Hermès in Geneva. Additionally, Fabrice Germond has completed several creditable design projects as an independant Naval Architect before the creation of VMG Yacht Design.


​Graduate from  the University of Southampton in Naval architecture (MEng Yacht and small craft, 2004)

naval architect & expert

Mathieu Verrier

It was aboard the family boat that Mathieu’s passion for sailing was born. Since then, he has spent countless hours on the water .

In 2009 he raced the  transat 650 on a prototype which he designed and built on his own. During his studies, he specialised in Experimental Techniques (Towing tank and wind tunnel) and Boat Speed Predictions (VPP). Mathieu worked as technical manager on various projects (Classe 40, mini 6,50) and also worked on several high tech projects as a boat builder (America’s cup, trimarans ORMA, MOD 70, 60’…) In doing so he has aquired a expert knowledge in the application of composite materials and consturction techniques. He has also achieved several notable projects as an independant Naval Architect before the creation of VMG Yacht Design.


Graduate from the university of Strathclyde in Naval Architecture (MEng High Performance in Marine Vehicles)

architecte naval

   Romane Vulliez

Romane discovered sailing at a very young age on her father's boat. She evolves in Optimist and Laser in her sailing club, and then works as an instructor and coach. She also undertook the renovation of the family 6.5 m boat, emblematic of Lake Geneva.

During her studies, Romane specialized in the optimization of performance sailing and motor boats. She did her thesis on fluid-structure interaction and aeroelasticity of sails. Involved in the university crew, she competes in team racing, match racing, offshore racing and participates in the semi-professional circuit on the Solent.

After graduating, Romane joined the VMG Yacht Design team, with whom she had done an internship a few years earlier.


Diploma in yacht and small craft surveying (DipMarSur) from the International Institute of Marine Surveying (UK), DAS in mediation - University of Fribourg, Faculty of Law.

yacht surveyor

    Laurent Jaunin

After a career as a construction technician, Laurent Jaunin turned to the nautical industry, first as a trainer and skipper, then as the owner of a sail making and rigging company.


A long time sailor on multiple supports, he races the Transat 6.50 in 2003, as well as a large number of races in the mini circuit.


Graduated from IIMS in 2006, he operated an independent yacht survey office for about ten years and specialized in insurance before joining the VMG team. 

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