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IMOCA​                                                                      2021

Hull length: 18.28 m     LOA: 20.12 m

Draft : 4.50 m

Displacement : 8'000 kg   

Upwind sail area:  255 m2 
Material: carbon

We have been mandated at the beginning of 2021 to design a new IMOCA for the 2024 Vendée Globe.

During this project, we have carried out an important study on the hulls and foils, which has allowed us to develop original and innovative solutions.

Unfortunately, the budget could not be completed in time to proceed with the construction.

Layline 28                                                               2020

Hull length : 8.50 m    LOA: 10.70 m 

Beam : 6.50 m   

Draft: 0.20 m / 2.00 m

Light ship displacement : 450 kg  Sailing displacement : 830 kg 

Upwind sail area : 72.50 m2     Downwind: 102 m2 

The M2 Speed Tour is a particularly dynamic circuit which is raced on M2 catamarans. These boats offer great performances but date from 2004 and are no longer built. This new LL28 will be integrated in the current circuit without destabilizing it.

It takes the elements that made the success of this class, it is a boat performing in the Lake Geneva light winds and accessible to amateur crews. It is durable, easily dismantled and low maintenance with a reasonable budget. Its central structure brings rigidity to the platform and improves the efficiency of the sails thanks to its plate effect. The appendages bring a gain in power while reducing the drag of the hulls.

TSB48  "True sailing boat 48"​                2019

LOA: 15.50 m    LWL: 14.60 m    Beam: 4.60 m

Lightship displacement : 8'850 kg    Draft : 3.50 - 1.50 m 

Upwind sail area: 126 m2    Downwind sail area: 223 m2
Material: glass - foam core - epoxy     carbon mast

Engine: 55 cv (option 75 cv)    Fuel: 600 l    Water: 400 l

The TSB48 project was born under the impulse of a passionate sailor.

The TSB48 is a fast and seaworthy long cruising yacht, with a draft of 1.5 m, keel up which allows her to access all the anchorages in the world.

"She is a high-performance yacht that favours comfort at sea, as well as at anchor".

Inside, her deck saloon offers a breathtaking view. A chart table at the front of the saloon provides a panoramic view.

Her design reflects the key factors of success of ocean racing boats. The technical choices aim at lightness and ease of maintenance, without neglecting the design. 

The aim of the project is to bring together a syndicate of 5 owners, real demanding sailors, to enable her to take to the sea. 

Lake Geneva Catamaran M1                  2017

Hulls length : 10.85 m (35')    LOA: 13.2 m    Beam (overall beam) : 7.0 m (10 m)    Mast height : 20.50 m    Displacement : 900 kg    Draft : 0.20 m / 2.1 m    Upwind sail area : 98 m2    Foils type : 4P (adjustable cant)

This 35 foot catamaran is at the cutting edge of technology. She is efficient in both archimedian and foiling mode. Its original foil system allows it to navigate conventionally by verticalizing the foils, without increasing drag compared to traditional daggerboards. As soon as conditions allow it, the foils are canted to fly.

The innovative central structure has been developed to create an end plate effect on the mainsail (deck sweeper) and the jib and to take up all the efforts of the rigging and the foils in an optimal way by reducing the torsion of the platform. The assembly and tensioning of the platform is simplified. The flexible aerodynamic fairings (3Di) profile the beams and the central structure and keep the platform light.

Volvo Ocean Race - Designs 1 & 2    2017

​Design 1:  LOA: 11.85 m   Hull length: 10.85 m   Beam: 7.00 m

Displacement : 900 kg  Draft : 2.10 m  Upwind sail area: 85 m2
Material: carbon - nomex - epoxy

Design 2:  LOA: 11.85 m   Hull length: 11.85 m   Beam: 8.50 m

Displacement : 750 kg  Draft : 2,10 m  Upwind sail area: 90 m2
Material: carbon - nomex - epoxy

Two visions of the future foiling multihull for the design competition for the In-Port Series of the Volvo Ocean Race.

Proposal n°1: A state of the art 35' feet flying catamaran performing in Archimedean and Foiling. Therefore, this boat is somehow a “3 in 1” boat that is compliant with the specificity of being a full foiling boat on short In-Port Series, an exciting one design boat for long distance racing and a boat that can deal with very light winds encountered on some lakes. 

Proposal n°2: A new type of 39‘ catamaran, light and efficient with a twin rig with soft wing sails. The hulls are limited to the strict buoyancy requirement to maintain the boat afloat when not foiling. The overall flight stability is clearly enhanced as the distance between the main foil and the rudder is maximum.

Classe 9.50​                                                           2017

LOA: 9,50 m    Beam max: 3,70 m

Displacement: 2700 kg    Draft : 2,40 m 

Upwind sail area: 80 m2
Material: glass - Airex - epoxy

​Designed according to the 9,50 class rule, this prototype commited to offshore, shorthanded racing is a boat that sucessfully combines both righting moment and good hydrodynamic specification, to provide astonishing all-round performance. Four water ballast tanks provide the maximum righting moment.

Plans and CNC master will be available soon. A plywood version is also under consideration.

VMG 37'​                                                                  2015


Hulls length: 11,28 m    Beam max: 6,90 m

Displacement : ~980 kg  

Upwind sail area: 98 m2
Material: carbon - Nomex - epoxy

A one design foiling catamaran designed to offer spectacular regattas. Easy to disassemble and to transport, parts can also be replaced quickly in the event of breakage.


​​​The VMG 730 is our vision of small monotype racing.

Its a pure racer, easy, fast, fun and easily transportable.


It is a high performance monohull to race with a crew of 2 to 3. The racer expectation will be met by an optimised deck layout, a fast and modern looking hull and a highly efficient rig. The hull stability combined with a proper liftable keel with a lead bulb will ensure enough stability so that crew hiking will no longer be the key issue on the race issue.


This boat is a smart compromise between the accessibility of the J70 and the technicity of the Melges 24. Its level of development will also allow that boat to perform against bigger boat.

VMG 730                                                                2015


LOA: 7,30 m    Beam max: 2,50 m

Displacement : ~750 kg    Draft: 1,95 - 0.50 m 

Upwind sail area: 48 m2
Material: glass - Airex - epoxy

VMG 1000​                                                             2015

LOA: 10,00 m    Beam max: 2,70 m

Displacement : ~2000 kg    Draft : 2,10

Upwind sail area: 65 m2
Material: glass - epoxy - Airex and carbon reinforcements
Distinctive feature: carbon mast

​​​​The vmg 1000 is a pure lake racer. It is a fast and easy to sail boat with a good stability.


Primarily designed as a fast and fun boat to be sailed with a shorthanded crew of 2 to 3. It is designed to replace the well known Toucan.


The hull has been designed and studied for versatility, ease of handling and fast sailing.


GP 26                                                2015



LOA: 7,90 m    Beam max: 2,55 m

Displacement  as weighted: 1000 kg    Draft: 1,90 m 

Upwind sail area: 40 m2
Material: glass - Airex - epoxy 


This powerful GP26 is a pure racer, easy, fast, fun and easily transportable. The high stability hull form combined with high aspect ratio appendages and heavy lead bulb allow a very good control in all conditions.


Be ready for planing and large accelerations!


Fishing boat                                                          2014

LOA: 6,75 m    Beam max: 1,90 m

Empty displacement : 425 kg   Max displacement: 1800 kg

Outboard 30 to 60 hp
Material: plywood - glass - epoxy

Intended for professional use this fishing boat has a high load capacity. Her construction plywood-epoxy offers high strength, low weight, high modularity and minimum maintenance.


A Class catamaran                                        2013

LOA: 5,79 m    Beam max: 2,30 m

Displacement : 75 kg 

Sail area : 13.94 m2
Material: carbon - nomex - epoxy

Distinctive feature: foils, new rig concept


​​​The 34th AC was just amazing, consequently one can't ignore that foiling will be the future.


The A Class catamaran is the right place to start for us. Our A Class features the latest design trend in the multihull world including curved lifting foils. The boat should be real fast both up and downwind. Watch out the speed excess !Seat belt required.


We are also developping a new rig concept. Info on request only !

VMG 6.50 proto mini-transat             2013


LOA: 6,50 m    Beam max: 3,00 m

Displacement: 720 kg    Draft: 2,00

Upwind sail area: 45 m2
Material: carbon - Airex - epoxy
Distinctive feature: Swinging keel, 
appendages innovation


​​​​This is the new 6.50 m prototype by our office. It is the evolution of both the 615 and 476 that we designed.


It's a highperformance proto at the state of the art. Designed and optimised for the new race, the hull is a smart compromise between wetted surface and righting moment. This boat will be versatile. The structure has been optimised to reduce and balance the weight distribution while being structurally sound. The appendages were improved and studied with a special care. Different options are available including our special innovation (available on request only).


Also a very particular attention has been paid to ergonomics, outside to optimise the skipper comfort and inside to offer proper sleeping spaces and ease of handling the stack.

Carpe Diem 40'​                                                  2009

LOA: 12.80 m    Beam max: 7.20 m   

Draft: 0.48 - 2.00 m    Displacement: 3800 kg

Main: 60 m2    Solent: 30 m2
Material: plywood - glass - epoxy and carbon reinforcements

​This fast cruising catamaran was designed to be light and efficient while being affordable. Its wide cockpit can be closed using a removable tent system. Strip planking and epoxy were chosen as being a good compromise between structural properties, building requirements and cost issues. This project was to be a series designed for Cédric Müller (Navalia).

Plans and CNC plywood kit will be available soon.

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